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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 44 Number 3 (July 1953)


Vernon Parrington's View: Economics and Criticism. Edited by Vernon Parrington, Jr., 97-105

Spectators of Disunion: The Pacific Northwest and the Civil War. Robert W. Johannsen, 106-14

From Cape Flattery to Birch Bay: Vancouver's Anchorages on Puget Sound. Robert B. Whitebrook, 115-28

These Men We Recognize. W. L. Davis, S.J., 129-34

Sportsmen Fish for Chinook. Eldon Hauck, 135-39


Douglas, "Washington and Manifest Destiny," and Washington-Centennial of the Territory, 1853-1953, by Herman J. Deutsch, 140-41

Emmons, Nothing in Life is Free, by Robert W. Johannsen, 141

Taft, Artists and Illustrators of the Old West, by Robert G. Athearn, 141-42

Harris, John Colter, by William S. Greever, 142

Reader's Scrapbook, compiled by Ronald Todd, 143-44

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