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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 44 Number 2 (April 1953)


One Hundred Years in Retrospect. An Editorial, 49-50

A Day in Olympia, March 2, 1953. Chapin D. Foster, 51-52

A Government of Their Own. Dorothy O. Johansen, 53-57

A Governor's Place in History. Keith A. Murray, 58-60

Washington Territory in Pictures, 61-68

France as a Factor in the Oregon Negotiations. John S. Galbraith, 69-73

Petticoats at the Polls: Woman Suffrage in Territorial Wyoming. T. A. Larson, 74-79

Territorial Government in the Inland Empire. Merle W. Wells, 80-87


Webb, The Great Frontier, by Herman J. Deutsch, 88

DeVoto, The Course of Empire, by Norman A Graebner, 88-89

Rich, ed., Peter Skene Ogden's Snake Country Journals, by Merrill J. Mates, 89-90

Wyman, ed., California Emigrant Letters, by Lucile M. Kane, 90

Jackson, Wagon Roads West, by William S. Greever, 90-91

White, ed., David Thompson' Journals Relating to Montana, by Dorothy O. Johansen, 91

Loehr, ed., Forests for the Future, by Lawrence Rakestraw, 92

Childs, The Farmer Takes a Hand, by Brewster Coulter, 92-93

Waxell, The American Expedition, by Donald W. Treadgold, 93

Reader's Scrapbook, compiled by Ronald Todd, 94-96

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