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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 44 Number 1 (January 1953)


Washington's Territorial Centennial

            Our Heritage from the Generation of Pioneers. Governor Arthur B. Langle, 1-2

            The Centennial Director Tells of Plans. Chapin D. Foster, 3-6

Winter Sports in the Western Mountains. Joseph T. Hazard, 7-14

William E. Borah: The People's Choice. Claudius O. Johnson, 15-22

When Big Money Came to Butte: The Migration of Eastern Capital to Montana. K. Ross Toole, 23-29

Frederick Jackson Turner's Letters to Edmond S. Meany. Edited by Roy Lokken, 30-39


Vestal, Joe Meek: The Merry Mountain Men. Dorothy O. Johansen, 40-41

McWhorter, Hear Me, My Chiefs, by Francis Haines, 41

Hult, Steamboats in the Timber, by George A. Frykman, 41-42

Bleeker, The Sea Hunters, by Erna Gunther, 42-43

Butler, Singing Paddles, by Della Gould Emmons, 43

Norwegian-American Studies and Records, Vol. XVII, by Andrew Hilen, 43-44

Maddux, City on the Willamette, by Edwin R. Bingham, 44

Carlson, An Alaskan Gold Mine, by Roy Lokken, 44-45

McKeown, Alaska Silver, by James E. Codd, 45

Keenleyside and Brown, Canada and the United States, by Bruce Harding, 45-46

Reader's Scrapbook, compiled by Ronald Todd, 47-48

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