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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 43 Number 4 (October 1952)


Regionalism, Nationalism, Localism: The Pacific Northwest in American History. George A. Frykman, 251-61

Neah Bay: The Makah in Transition. Beatrice D. Miller, 262-72

Wilbur Wade Robertson, Editor and Publisher. David W. Ferry, 273-76

The Journal of Levi Lathrop Smith, 1847-1848. Edited by James R. Tanis, 277-301


McKinley, Uncle Sam in the Pacific Northwest, by Lawrence Rakestraw, 302-303

Rydell, Cape Horn to the Pacific, by William S. Greever, 303-304

Schiller, Candle for a Star, by Lewis E. Buchanan, 304

Garfield et al., The Tsimshian, by F. H. Douglas, 305-36

Reichard, Navaho Grammar, by Melville Jacobs, 306-307

Robinson, ed., South Dakota Historical Collections and Report, Vol. XXV, by John W. Smurr, 307

Historical Notes, by Ronald Todd, 308-10

News and Comment

            Washington Historical Society, 311-14

Contributors, 314

Index, 315-25

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