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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 43 Number 3 (July 1952)


The Origin and Development of the San Juan Island Water Boundary Controversy. John W. Long Jr., 187-213

The Manufacture of Aluminum Products in the State of Washington. Theodore Herman, 214-25

Hiram F. Smith, First Settler of Okanogan Country. Ann Briley, 226-33


Holbrook, Far Corner, by Herman J. Deutsch, 234-35

Morgan, Skid Road, by Robert Nesbit, 235-36

Pellegrini, Immigrant's Return, by Nelson A. Ault, 236-37

Mowry, California Progressives, by Thomas J. Pressly, 237-38

Higman and Larrison, Union Bay by Richard C. Snyder, 238-39

Travis, Umatilla Trail, by John Arthur Brown, 239-40

Hanks and Hanks, Tribe Under Trust, by Claude E. Schaeffer, 240-41

Elsensohn, Pioneer Days in Idaho Country, Vol. II, by George A. Frykman, 241-42

Historical Notes, by Ronald Todd, 242-44

News and Comment

            Washington Historical Society, 245-48

Contributors, 248

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