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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 42 Number 4 (October 1951)


Henry Yesler and the Founding of Seattle, 271-76

A Prospectus for the Study of the Governments of the Pacific Northwest States in Their Regional Setting. Herman J. Deutsch, 277-301

Pope & Talbot's Tugboat Fleet. Helen M. Gibbs, 302-23

Peter Pond and the Overland Route to Cook's Inlet. Edited by Richard H. Dillon, 324-29

An Additional Chapter on Jane Barnes. Mary W. Avery, 330-32


Rich, ed., Minutes of the Hudson's Bay Company, 1679-1684, Second Part, by Willard E. Ireland, 333-34

Simpson, Encomienda in New Spain, by Max Savelle, 334-36

Garnsey, America's New Frontier, by Merrill G. Burlingame, 336-37

Athearn, Thomas Francis Meagher, by Alton B. Oviatt, 337-38

Treadwell, Cattle King, by J. Orin Oliphant, 338-39

Historical Notes, by Ronald Todd, 340-44

News and Comment

            Washington Historical Society, 345-49

Contributors, 349

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