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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 42 Number 3 (July 1951)


Mark Twain in the Northwest, 1895. Ruth A. Burnet, 187-202

Sugar-Beet Growing in Ada and Canyon Counties, Idaho. Kenneth J. Williams, 203-10

Reindeer in Alaska. Translated and edited by Sverre Arestad, 211-23

Anglicanism Among the Indians of Washington Territory. Thomas E. Jessett, 224-41

Maps and Their Use in Pacific Northwest History. Otis W. Freeman, 242-46


Ruxton, Life in the Far West, by Herman J. Deutsch, 247-48

Brooks, Mountain Meadows Massacre, by Austin E. Hutcheson, 248-49

Aldwell, Conquering the Last Frontier, by Robert Nesbit, 249

Rich, ed., James Isham's Observations on Hudson's Bay, 1743, by Hilda Neatby, 250-51

Saunderson, Western Land and Water Use, by R. S. Funderburk, 252-54

Banks, Wandersong, by Albert J. Partoll, 255

Kneale, Indian Agent, by Francis Haines, 256

Raaen, Grass of the Earth, by Edward A. Hummel, 256-57

Codere, Fighting with Property, by Erna Gunther, 247-59

Historical Notes, by Ronald Todd, 259-63

News and Comment

            Washington Historical Society, 264-67


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