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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 42 Number 2 (April 1951)


The Victory of National Irrigation in the Yakima Valley, 1902-1906. Calvin B. Coulter, 99-122

The Earnest Ladies: The Walla Wall Woman's Club and the Equal Suffrage League of 1886-1889. Nelson A. Ault, 123-37

Angus McDonald, Frontier Fur Trader, by Albert J. Partoll, 138-46

A Further Bibliography of Theses Concerning the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Erik Bromberg, 147-66


Charles W. Smith's Pacific Northwest Americana, by James T. Babb, 167-68

Winther, The Old Oregon Country, by Samuel R. Mohler, 168-69

Fargo, Spokane Story, by Robert Comegys, 169-70

Mills, Railroads down the Valleys, by Edwin R. Bingham, 171-72

Norwegian-American Studies and Records, Vol. XVI, by Leola Nelson Bergmann, 172-73

Thane, The Majestic Land, by George R. Frykman, 173-74

Sweetman, Back Trailing on Open Range, by Velma Linford, 174-75

Irving, Astoria, by Robert Nesbit, 175-76

Historical Notes, by Ronald Todd, 176-79

News and Comment

            Washington Historical Society, 180-83


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