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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 41 Number 4 (October 1950)


Trade Associations in the Lumber Industry of the Pacific Northwest, 1899-1914. John H. Cox, 285-311

The Anaconda Copper Mining Company: A Price War and a Copper Corner. Kenneth Ross Toole, 312-29

The Nooksack, the Chilliwack, and the Middle Fraser. Marian W. Smith, 330-41

Secondary Education in Washington Territory. Howard A. Hanson, 342-51


A Letter from the Vancouver Expedition. Edited by Hardin Craig, Jr., 352-55

Charles Vancouver's Plan. Edited by Richard H. Dillon, 356-57


McIlwraith, Bella Coola Indians, by Viola E. Garfield, 358-59

McGloin, Eloquent Indian, by Grace Lee Nute, 359-60

Salisbury, Two Captains West, by Elsie L. Stewart, 360-61

Rich, ed., Part of a Dispatch from George Simpson, by James E. Codd, 361-62

Russel, Improvement of Communication with the Pacific Coast, by Charles M. Gates, 362-63

Holbrook, Yankee Exodus, by Edwin R. Bingham, 364

Jeffcott, Nooksack Tales and Trails, by Keith A. Murray, 365

Historical Notes, by Robert Todd, 366-73

News and Comment

            Washington State Historical Society, 374-77

            Personal, 377-78

Contributors, 378

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