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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 41 Number 3 (July 1950)


The Indian Background of Washington History. Erna Gunther, 189-202

Problems of Indian Policy. Francis Haines, 203-12

Issues and Personalities of Pacific Northwest Politics, 1889-1950. Keith Murray, 213-33

The Northern Overland Route in 1867: Journal of Henry Lueg. C. S. Kingston, 234-53

A Checklist of Washington Authors, 1943-1950. Marion Bell Stanton, 254-72


Farmer, ed., Native Arts of the Pacific Northwest, by H. G. Barnett, 273

Cleland, This Reckless Breed of Men, by Dorothy O. Johansen, 274-75

Poston, Small Town Renaissance, by Grant H. Redford, 275-76

Palmer et al, United States Army in World War II: Army Ground Forces, Volume II; Miller, Jr., War in the Pacific: Guadalcanal, by Solomon Katz, 276-77

Historical Notes, by Robert Todd, 277-79

News and Comment

            Washington State Historical Society, 280-82

Contributors, 282

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