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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 41 Number 2 (April 1950)


Origins of the Population of Oregon in 1850. Jesse S. Douglas, 95-108

The British and Americans at Fort Nisqually, 1846-1859. John S. Galbraith, 109-20

Baptist and Other Home Missionary Labors in the Pacific Northwest, 1865-1890. J. Orin Oliphant and Ambrose Saricks, Jr., 121-61


The Yakima Indian War, 1855-1856: A Problem in Research. William Norbert Bischoff, S.J., 162-69


McMurtrie, Oregon Imprints, 1847-1870, by Charles W. Smith, 170-71

Tobie, No Man Like Joe, by Jesse S. Douglas, 171-72

Armitage Prize-Winning Essays, by James E. Codd, 172-73

Chittenden, Yellowstone National Park, Historical and Descriptive, by Merrill J. Mattes, 173-74

Redford, ed., That Man Thomson, by Milnor Roberts, 174-75

Fries, From Copenhagen to Okanogan, by Sverre Arestad, 175-77

Miller, No Matter What Happens, by George Savage, 177-78

Historical Notes, by Robert Todd, 179-82

News and Comment

            Washington State Historical Society, 183-85


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