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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 41 Number 1 (January 1950)


Agricultural Geography of the Kittitas Valley, Washington. Edward C. Whitley, 3-18

The Importance of Railroads in the Development of Northwestern Montana. Flora Mae Bellefleur Isch, 19-29

The Pacific Northwest Bibliographic Center. Harry C. Bauer, 30-42


From Illinois to Montana in 1866: The Diary of Perry A. Burgess. Edited by Robert G. Athearn, 43-65


Barker, The Letters of Dr. John McLoughlin Written at Fort Vancouver, 1829-31, by Vernon Carstensen, 66-67

Warren, Farthest Frontier: The Pacific Northwest, by J. Orin Oliphant, 67-69

Billington, Hedges, Westward Expansion: A History of the American Frontier, by Colin B. Goodykootnz, 69-70

Morgan, The Columbia: Powerhouse of the West, by Randall V. Mills, 70-71

Price, Fighting Spotted Fever in the Rockies, by Leslie M. Heathcote, 71-72

Drury, A Tepee in His Front Yard: A Biography of H. T. Cowley, by Edgar I. Stewart, 73

Smith, ed., Indians of the Urban Northwest, by Viola E. Garfield, 73-74

Hatch, A Century of Entomology in the Pacific Northwest, by G. J. Spencer, 75

Blegen, The Land Lies Open, by Carlton C. Qualey, 75-76

Larson, History of the White Pine Industry in Minnesota, by Paul F. Sharp, 76-78

Hungerford, Wells Fargo: Advancing the American Frontier, by Earl S. Pomeroy, 78-79

Paden, Prairie Schooner Detours, by Velma Linford, 79-80

The Shirley Letters from the California Mines, 1851-1852, by Helen M. Gibbs, 80-81

Taylor, Eldorado, or, Adventures in the Path of Empire, by Edwin R. Bingham, 81-82

Pratt, Expansionists of 1812, by Keith A. Murray, 83

Historical Notes, by Robert Todd, 83-88

News and Comment

            Washington State Historical Society, 89-91

Contributors, 92

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