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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 40 Number 4 (October 1949)


The Relations of the Hudson's Bay Company with the American Fur Traders in the Pacific Northwest. Francis D. Haines, Jr., 273-94

A Report on the Second Season's Excavations at Waiilatpu. Thomas R. Garth, 295-315

Contributions of Early Explorers and Traders to the Ethnography of the Northwest. Marion Pearsall, 316-26

A Historical Survey of the Matanuska Valley Settlement in Alaska. Clarence C. Hulley, 327-40


Ewers, Gustavus Sohon's Portraits of Flathead and Pend d'Oreille Indians, by Paul C. Phillips, 341

Neihardt, A Cycle of the West, by Lewis E. Buchanan, 342

Chittick, ed., Northwest Harvest, by Grant H. Redford, 343

Coleman, ed., Northwest Books, by Paul C. Phillips, 344

Dryden, Up the Columbia for Furs, by James E. Codd, 344-45

Read and Gaines, ed., Gold Rush, by Austin E. Hutcheson, 345-46

Cleland, ed., Apron Full of Gold, by George Harmon Knoles, 346-47

Robinson, Land in California, by Roy Marvin Robbins, 347-48

Royce, California from the Conquest of 1846 to the Second Vigilance Committee in San Francisco; Shinn, Mining Camps, by Elmer C. Sandmeyer, 348

McKeown, The Trail Led North, by Leland H. Carlson, 349-50

Kuykendall and Day, Hawaii, a History, by Calvin B. Coulter, 350-51

Craven and Cate, ed., Army Air Forces in World War II, by Solomon Katz, 352

Historical Notes, by Robert Todd, 353-55

News and Comment

            Washington State Historical Society, 356-58

            Personal, 358-59

Contributors, 359

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