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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 40 Number 3 (July 1949)


The Culmination and Decline of Pacific Coastwise Shipping, 1916-1936. Giles T. Brown, 177-88

Frank L. Worden, Pioneer Merchant, 1830-1887. Albert J. Partoll, 189-202

A Bibliography of Theses and Dissertations Concerning the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Erik Bromberg, 203-52


Rich, ed., Minutes of the Hudson's Bay Company. 1679-1684, First Part, 1679-1682, by Raymond P. Stearns, 253-54

Washington State Legislative Council Reports; Washington Voters' Handbook, by Herman J. Deutsch, 254-57

Higman and Larrison, Pilchuck: The Life of a Mountain, by Victor B. Scheffer, 257-58

Garfield and Forrest, The Wolf and the Raven, by T. F. McIlwraith, 258

Morgan, Dixie Raider, by Eric L. Barr, 259-60

Lewis, Sea Routes to the Gold Fields, by Rodman W. Paul, 260-61

Historical Notes, by Robert Todd, 262-66

News and Comment

            Washington State Historical Society, 267-70

            Personal, 270

Contributors, 270

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