Table of Contents
Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 40 Number 1 (January 1949)


Oregon Territory in 1849-1850. Edited by Priscilla Knuth and Charles M. Gates, 3-23

Demarcation of the Boundaries of Idaho. Benjamin E. Thomas, 24-34

A Montanan in Russo-American Relations: The Case of John Ginzberg. William S. Wallace, 35-43

An Army Officer's Trip to Alaska in 1869. Edited by Robert G. Athearn, 44-64


Theses Related to the Pacific Northwest: University of Washington Checklist. Ronald Todd, 65-69


Holbrook, Little Annie Oakley and Other Rugged People, by Russell Blankenship, 70

Salisbury, Here Rolled the Covered Wagons, by Thomas R. Garth, 70-71

Robinson, Esquimalt, Place of Shoaling Waters, by Keith A. Murray, 71-72

Baumann, Old Man Crow's Boy: Adventures in Early Idaho, by Francis Haines, 72-73

Streeter, The Rollins Collection of Western Americana, by Charles W. Smith, 73-74

Eberstadt, The William Robertson Coe Collection of Western American, by Charles W. Smith, 74-76

Short Notices, by Ronald Todd, 76-78

News and Comment

            Washington State Historical Society, 79-80

            Gifts to University of Washington Library, 80-81


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