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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 39 Number 4 (October 1948)


The Oregon and California Railroad Land Grant, 1866-1945. David Maldwyn Ellis, 253-83

Populism in Washington. Gordon B. Ridgeway, 284-311

Literature and the Region. Rufus A. Colman, 312-18


Pinchot, Breaking New Ground, by Edmond S. Mean, Jr., 319-20

Haskell, ed., On Reconnaissance for the Great Northern, by James E. Codd, 320-21

Prize Winning Essays, Armitage Competition, by Herman J. Deutsch, 321-22

Blegen, Grass Roots History, by John D. Hicks, 323

Stevens, American Expansion in Hawaii, 1842-1898, by Richard W. Van Alstyne, 324-25

News and Comment

            Washington State Historical Society, 326-28


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