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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 38 Number 4 (October 1947)


Pere Joset's Account of the Indian War of 1858. Robert Ignatius Burns, S.J., 285-314

Waiilatpu After the Massacre. Thomas R. Garth, Jr., 315-18

Urbanism and the Methodist Church in Western Washington, 1890-1915. Wesley Walls, 319-33

Country Banking in Eastern Washington: A Case Study. Robert G. Comegys, 335-56


Winther, The Great Northwest, by Herman J. Deutsch, 357-58

Jones, Evergreen Land, by Oscar Osburn Winther, 358-59

Downey, Our Lusty Forefathers, by Edgar I. Stewart, 359-60

Prize Winning Essays: Armitage Competition in Oregon Pioneer History, by Charles M. Gates, 360-61

Campbell, Eliza, by Emily Johnson, 361-62

Mowry, Theodore Roosevelt and the Progressive Movement, by W. Stull Holt, 363-64

News and Comment

            Washington State Historical Society, 365-67

            General Items, 367-68

Contributors, 368

Index, 369-82

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