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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 38 Number 3 (July 1947)


Cattle Trade Through Snoqualmie Pass. J. Orin Oliphant, 193-213

Early Architecture in the Northwest. Thomas R. Garth, Jr., 215-32

Nome: From Mining Camp to Civilized Community. Leland H. Carlson, 233-42

James Hepburn: Early Resident Naturalist in the Pacific Northwest. Earl J. Larrison, 243-59


Federal Government Maps Relating to Pacific Northwest History. Charlotte H. Odgers, 261-72


Who's Who on the Pacific Coast, by J. Ronald Todd, 273-74

Mirsky, The Westward Crossings, by Paul C. Phillips, 274

Case, The Empire Builders, by Dorothy O. Johansen, 275

Barbeau, Alaska Beckson, by Francis Haines, 275-76

Freedman, Mrs. Mike, by John J. Honigmann, 276-77

News and Comment

            Washington State Historical Society, 279-81


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