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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 38 Number 1 (January 1947)


Bishop Scott and the Episcopal Church in Washington. Thomas E. Jessett, 3-17

Fishery Conservation in Washington. Tim Kelley, 19-34

Bering's Successors, 1745-1780: Contributions of Peter Simon Pallas to the History of Russian Exploration Toward Alaska. James R. Masterson and Helen Brower, 35-83


Sundborg, Opportunity in Alaska, by John J. Honigmann, 85-86

Howard, ed., Montana Margins, by Grant H. Redford, 86-87

Waters, The Colorado, by Glenn S. Dumke, 87-88

Caughey, Herbert Howe Bancroft, Historian of the West, by Lesley Byrd Simpson, 89-91

Hazard, Pacific Crest Trails from Alaska to Cape Horn, by Ronald Todd, 91-92

Smith, The Trail Leads West, by Edgar I. Stewart, 93

News and Comment, 94-95

Contributors, 96

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