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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 37 Number 3 (July 1946)


Two Railroad Reports on Northwest Resources

            Walla Walla and the Palouse Country, 175-85

            The La Conner Region and the San Juan Islands, 186-91

From Missouri to Oregon in 1860: The Diary of August V. Kautz. Edited by Martin F. Schmitt, 193-230

Trouble in the Coal Mines, 1889: Documents on an Incident at Newcastle, W. T., 231-57


Augur, Passage to Glory, by Samuel Parker, 259-60

McKee, Mary Richardson Walker: Her Book, by J. Orin Oliphant, 260-61

Rich, ed., Letters of John McLoughlin, by Jesse S. Douglas, 261-64

Hansen, History of Sons of Norway, 1895-1945, by Sverre Arestad, 264-66

West, Rocky Mountain Reader, by Merrill G. Burlingame, 266-67

Dumke, ed., Mexican Gold Trail: The Journal of a Forty-Niner, by Colin B. Goodykoontz, 267-68

Schmitt, ed., General George Crook: His Autobiography, by W. Turrentine Jackson, 269-70

Washington Centennial Commemorative Booklet, 1845-1945, by Elsie L. Stewart, 270

News and Comment

            Washington State Historical Society, 271-73

            General Items, 273-76

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