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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 37 Number 2 (April 1946)


Jackson Hole, Crossroads of the Western Fur Trade, 1807-1829. Merrill J. Mattes, 87-108

Pacific Northwest Opinion on the Washington Conference of 1921-1922. Winston B. Thorson, 109-27

Samuel Wilbur Condit: Frontiersman. C. S. Kingston, 129-41


A Pacific Northwest Bibliography, 1945. Lancaster Pollard, 143-54


The Coming of the Horse. H. M. Painter, 155-57


Morton, Sir George Simpson, by Willard E. Ireland, 159-60

Tompkins, Alaska: Promyshlennik and Sourdough, by Herman J. Deutsch, 160-62

Keithahn, Monuments in Cedar, by Viola E. Garfield, 162-63

Gunther, Ethnobotony of Western Washington, by Victor B. Scheffer, 163-64

Potter, ed., The Trail to California, by Oscar Osburn Winther, 164-65

Brimlow, Cavalryman Out of the West, by Edward Kimmel, 165-66

Winther, Via Western Express and Stagecoach, by Vernon Carstensen, 166-67

Stearn and Stearn, Effect of Smallpox on the Destiny of the Amerindian, by Arden R. King, 167-68

News and Comment

            Washington State Historical Society, 169-70

Contributors, 171

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