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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 36 Number 4 (October 1945)


Boom Days in Ellensburg, 1888-1891. Samuel R. Mohler, 289-208

The Strange Sombrero: An Authentic Murder Story from Montana. Dan Mumbrue and Esther G. Price, 309-18

Early American Contacts with the Japanese. Clifford M. Drury, 319-30


Edmund Sylvester's Narrative of the Founding of Olympia, 331-39

A Footnote on the Capital Dispute in Idaho. Annie Laurie Bird, 341-46


Maloney, Fur Brigade to the Bonaventura, by Dorothy O. Johansen, 347-49

Tansill, Canadian-American Relations, 1875-1911, by Charles M. Gates, 349-51

Leighton, Governing of Men, by Robert W. O'Brien, 351-52

Gray, Men Who Built the West, by Robert G. Virgin, 353

Altrocchi, Old California Trail, by Dan E. Clark, 354

Wyman, Wild Horse of the West, by Herman J. Deutsch, 354-55

Wish, Contemporary America, by Theodore Thayer, 356-57

Osland, Long Pull from Stavagner, by Leola Nelson Bergmann, 357-59

Swenson, Northwest of the World, by Sverre Arestad, 359-60

Ferguson, Bibliography of Australia, by Edith Dobie, 360

Other Recent Publications, 360-63

News and Comment

            Washington State Historical Society, 365-67

            William Pierce Bonney, 367-69

            Washington Centennials, 369-71

            General Items, 371-76

Contributors, 376

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