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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 35 Number 3 (July 1944)


J. Allen Smith: The Reformer and His Dilemma. Eric F. Goldman, 195-214

Earliest Celebrations of Independence Day in the Northwest. O. B. Sperlin, 215-22

John Tornow, the Outlawed Hermit. Alfred J. Hillier, 223-32

A Checklist of Washington Authors: Additions and Corrections. Lancaster Pollard, 233-66


Howard, Montana: High, Wide, and Handsome, by Paul C. Phillips, 267-68

Villard, The Early History of Transportation in Oregon, by Oscar Osburn Winther, 268-69

Dulles, The Road to Teheran: The Story of Russia and America, 1781-1943, by Richard W. Van Alstyne, 269-72

Goodhue, Journey Into the Fog, by C. L. Andrews, 272-73

Creighton, Dominion of the North, by Hilda Neatby, 273-74

Cleland, From Wilderness to Empire: A History of California, 1542-1900, by George Harmon Knoles, 275-76

A Doctor Comes to California: The Diary of John S. Griffin, Assistant Surgeon with Kearny's Dragoons, 1846-1847, by Lindley Bynum, 276-77

Fisher, The Mothers, by Sophus K. Winther, 277

American History in Schools and Colleges, by Ruth West, 278-76

News and Comment

            Washington State Historical Society, 280-83

            General Items, 284-87

Contributors, 288

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