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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 35 Number 1 (January 1944)


Sacajawea as Guide: The Evaluation of a Legend. C. S. Kingston, 3-18

Forty Years of Symphony in Seattle, 1903-1943. Edward Sheppard and Emily Johnson, 19-28

Peter John De Smet: The Journey of 1940. W. L. Davis, S. J., 29-43


A Proposed Program of Research in Pacific Northwest History. Charles M. Gates, 45-53

Theses Related to the Pacific Northwest: University of Washington Checklist. Ronald Todd, 55-64


Washington at War, 1918, 65-72


Kizer, The U.S.—Canadian Northwest, by Richard M. Perry, 73-74

VanMale, Resources of Pacific Northwest Libraries, by John S. Richards, 74-75

The Counties of Washington, by Otis W. Freeman, 76

Colbert, Kutkos, Chinook Tyee, by Erna Gunther, 76-77

Paden, The Wake of the Prairie Schooner, by Dan E. Clark, 77-78

Kellogg, Lester, Edwards and Mayock, Joseph Shafer: Student of Agriculture, by Merrill Jensen, 78-79

Holbrook, Burning an Empire, by Lancaster Pollard, 79

Williams, Sweet of Colorado, by Claudius O. Johnson, 80-81

Truesdell, The Canadian Born in the United States, by Marion Spector, 81-82

Hrdlička, Alaska Diary, by Viola E. Garfield, 83-84

Maps, 84-85

Other Recent Publications, 85-87

News and Comment

            Washington State Historical Society, 88-89

            General Items, 89-95

Contributors, 96

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