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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 34 Number 4 (October 1943)


The Farm Labor Problem in Washington, 1917-18. Carl F. Reuss, 339-52

The Early History of Pocatello, Idaho. Robert L. Wrigley, Jr., 353-65

George Turner. Part II: United States Senator and Counsel and Arbiter for the United Sates. Claudius O. Johnson, 367-92


Teaching Materials in the Washington Historical Quarterly and the Pacific Northwest Quarterly. Ruth West, 393-98

Suggestions for the Teaching of Washington Government. Herman J. Deutsch, 399-400

Photographs of Washington Governors. Robert T. McDonald, 400-402


Rothery, The Ports of British Columbia, by W. Kaye Lamb, 403-404

Howay, Sage, and Angus, British Columbia and the United States: The North Pacific Slope form Fur Trade to Aviation, by Vernon Carstensen, 404-405

Kelly, The Career of Joseph Lane, Frontier Politician, by Samuel R. Mohler, 406-407

Anderson, Chief Seattle, by Melvin C. Jacobs, 407-408

Norwegian-American Studies and Records, vol. XIII, by Sverre Arestad, 408-409

Morgan, The Humboldt: Highroad of the West, by George Harmon Knoles, 410-11

Mulloy, The Hagen Site; A Prehistoric Village on the Lower Yellowstone, by Joseph B. Birdsell, 411-12

Smith, Indian Experiences, by Merrill G. Burlingame, 413

Nute, Caesars of the Wilderness, by Edith Dobie, 414-15

Cameron, Trade Union Agreements in Canadian Industry, by W. F. Easterbrook, 415-16

Daniel, Islands of the Pacific, by  Harold Whitman Bradley, 416-17

Gauvreau and Cohen, Billy Mitchell, Founder of Our Air Force and Prophet Without Honor, by Edward Kimmel, 417

Hughes, tr., "The Great Learning" and "The Mean-in-Action," by Francis Michael, 417-18

Barzun, Holborn, Heaton, Malone, La Piana, Strayer, The Interpretation of History, by Harold Whitman Bradley, 418-20

Other Recent Publications, 421

News and Comment

            Washington State Historical Society, 422-26

            General Items, 426-28

            Accession Notes, 428-30

Contributors, 431

Index to Volume 34 (1943), 433-44

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