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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 34 Number 3 (July 1943)


George Turner. Part I: The Background of a Statesman. Claudius O. Johnson, 243-69

The Nez Perce Verb. H. V. Velten, 271-92


The Appointment and Removal of Sidney Edgerton, First Governor of Montana Territory. W. Turrentine Jackson, 293-304


Scandinavian-Language Newspapers. Sverre Arestad, 305-308


Tomasevich, International Agreements on Conservation of Marine Resources, with Special Reference to the North Pacific, by Victor B. Scheffer, 309-10

The External Trade of the Pacific; Maxwell, Supplementary Analysis of the External Trade of the Pacific Northwest, by Frances M. Earle, 310-11

Collier, Hudson, and Ford, Archaeology of the Upper Columbia Region, by L. S. Cressman, 312-14

Miller, San Juan Archipelago: Study of the Joint Occupation of San Juan Island, by L. B. Shippee, 314-16

Winkelman, ed., Provo, Pioneer Mormon City, by M. D. Beal, 316-17

Haskell, The United States Exploring Expedition, 1838-1842, and its Publications, 1844-1874: A Bibliography, by Charles W. Smith, 317-18

Cole, ed., With Perry in Japan: The Diary of Edward Yorke McCauley, by Frank Williston, 318-19

Dennison, Klondike Mike, by T. A. Rickard, 320

Pritchett, The Red River Valley, 1811-1849, a Regional Study, by Grace Lee Nute, 321-22

Winther, ed., With Sherman to the Sea: The Journal of Theodore F. Upson; Bettersworth, Confederate Mississippi: The People and Policies of a Cotton State in Wartime, by Edward McMahon, 322-24

Goldman, John Back McMaster, American Historian, by Merrill Jensen, 324-25

Beard, Charles A. and Mary R., The American Spirit: A Study of the Idea of Civilization in the United States, by Eric Goldman, 325-26

Cochran and Miller, The Age of Enterprise: A Social History of Industrial America, by Charles M. Gates, 327-28

Other Recent Publications, 328-30

News and Comment

            Washington State Historical Society, 331-32

            General Items, 333-36

Contributors, 336

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