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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 34 Number 2 (April 1943)


Pack Animals for Transportation in the Pacific Northwest. Oscar Osburn Winther, 131-46

The Graduate School of the University of Washington, 1911-1942. Lois J. Wentworth, 147-57


A Russian Expedition to Japan in 1852. Paul E. Eckel, 159-67

The Jesuits and the Coeur d'Alene Treaty of 1858. William N.  Bischoff, S. J., and Charles M. Gates, 169-81


A Pacific Northwest Bibliography, 1942. Lancaster Pollard, 183-96

Federal Government Documents as Source Materials for Northwest History. Florence Nierman, 197-203


Human Interest Notes on Seattle and the Alaskan Gold Rush. Charles M. Gates, 205-11


Rich, ed., The Letters of John McLoughlin from Fort Vancouver to the Governor and Committee: First Series, 1825-38, by Jesse S. Douglas,

Kerr, Migration to the Seattle Labor Market Area, 1940-1942, by Richard M. Perry, 215-17

Beal,  A History of Southwestern Idaho, by Irene Clark, 217-19

Bradley, The American Frontier in Hawaii: The Pioneers, 1789-1843, by Richard W. Van Alstyne, 218-19

Chevigny, Lord of Alaska: Baranov and the Russian Adventure, by Vernon Carstensen, 219-21

James, The First Scientific Exploration of Russian America and the Purchase of Alaska, by Raymond H. Fisher, 221-22

Giddings, Dendrochronology in Northern Alaska, by Erna Gunther, 222-23

Lyon, The Man Who Sold Louisiana: The Career of François Barbé-Marbois, by C. Eden Quainton, 223-24

Rourke, The Roots of American Culture and Other Essays; Nuhn, The Wind Blew from the East, a Study in the Orientation of American Culture, by V. L. O. Chittick, 224-27

Corle, Coarse Gold, by Theodore Paullin, 227

Quaife, The Flag of the United States, by Mary E. Knight, 228-29

Other Recent Publications, 229-31

News and Comment

            Washington State Historical Society, 233-35

            General Items, 235-39

Contributors, 340

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