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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 33 Number 4 (October 1942)


The Southern Extent of Totem Pole Carving. H. G. Barnett, 379-89


Journal of a Voyage on Puget Sound in 1853 by William Petit Trowbridge, edited by Lancaster Pollard, 391-407

The Powder River and John Day Mines in 1862: Diary of Winfield Scott Ebey, edited by Harry N. M. Winton, 409-37


Howay, ed., Voyages of the "Columbia" to the Northwest Coast, by Harold Whitman Bradley, 439-40

Freeman and Clark, eds., The Pacific Northwest, by Griffith Taylor, 440-42

Binns, The Roaring Land, by Herman J. Deutsch, 442-43

Coleman, ed., Northwest Books, by Ronald Todd, 443-44

Lomax, Pioneer Woolen Mills in Oregon, by Dorothy O. Johansen, 444-45

Bretherton, The Rock and the Wind, by George Savage, 445-47

Haig-Brown, Timber, by Lewis E. Buchanan, 447-48

Anderson, Swede Homestead, by Sverre Arestad, 448-49

Burdick and Hart, Jacob Horner and the Indian Campaigns of 1876 and 1877, by Francis Haines, 450

Burlingame, The Montana Frontier, by Paul C. Phillips, 450-51

Thane, High Border Country, by M. Catherine White, 451-52

Anderson, Desert Saints, by Clifford M. Drury, 452-53

Murdock, Ethnographic Bibliography of North America, by Erna Gunther, 453-54

Robbins, Our Landed Heritage: The Public Domain, 1776-1936, by Edmond S. Meany, Jr., 454-56

Burt, A Short History of Canada for Americans, by Jonas A. Jonasson, 457-58

Ellinger and Rosinski, Sea Power in the Pacific, 1936-1941, by Eric Barr, 458

Hayden, The Philippines, by John W. Masland, 458-60

Historical News and Comments, 461-62

Contributors, 462

Index to Volume XXXIII (1942), 463-72

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