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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 33 Number 3 (July 1942)


Saleesh House: The First Trading Post Among the Flathead. M. Catherine White, 251-63

The Fisk Expeditions to the Montana Gold Fields. W. Turrentine Jackson, 265-82

The Story of Silver Politics in Idaho, 1892-1902. Claudius O. Johnson, 283-96


Diary of Colonel Isaac N. and Mrs. Emily Ebey, 1856-1857, 297-23

The Death of Colonel Isaac N. Ebey, 1857, 325-47


Goddard, Washington the Evergreen State; Pollard, A History of the State of Washington; and Gates, ed., Readings in Pacific Northwest History, by C. S. Kingston, 349-51

The Elma Survey, by Paul H. Landis, 351-52

Welsh, Grays Harbor; Port Townsend; Port Angeles; Oregon City and West Linn; and Angle and Welsh, Shelton, by Ronald Todd, 352-53

Sengstacken, Destination, West!, by John S. Richards, 353

Dwyer, The Gentile Comes to Utah, by L. H. Creer, 354-56

Dale, Cow Country, by Merrill G. Burlingame, 356-57

Driggs, Westward America, by Vernon Carstensen, 358-59

Priest, Uncle Sam's Stepchildren, by A. H. Abel Henderson, 359-61

Simmons, ed., Sun Chief, by H. G. Barnett, 361-62

Rich, The Presidents and Civil Disorder, by Charles M. Gates, 363-64

Finnie, Canada Moves North, by A. W. Currie, 364-65

Matson, Larsson, and Thornbloom, eds., Covenant Frontiers, by Harry N. W. Winton, 365-66

Taylor, America in the New Pacific, by Earl H. Pritchard, 366-68

Haas, Outposts of Defense, by Frank G. Williston, 368

Historical News and Comments, 369-71

Washington State Historical Society News Notes, 373-74

Contributors, 375

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