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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 33 Number 2 (April 1942)


Peter John De Smet: Missionary to the Potawatomi, 1837-1840. W. L. Davis, S.J., 123-52

Range Sheep Industry in Kittitas County, Washington. R. M. Shaw, 153-70

The Oregon Free Press. Leslie W. Dunlap, 171-85


A Pacific Northwest Bibliography, 1941, by Harry N. M. Winton, 187-203


Ogden, California Sea otter Trade, by F. W. Howay, 205-207

Fleming, ed., Minutes of the Council Northern Department of Rupert Land, 1821-31, by Walter N. Sage, 207-209

Jones, Scarlet Petticoat, by Dorothy O. Johansen, 209-10

Montgomery, Young Northwest, by O. B. Sperlin, 210-12

Miller, ed., Northwest Water Boundary, by Goldwin Smith, 212-13

Tucker, ed., Washington State Government; Heffelfinger and Custer, The Evergreen Citizen, and Davis, Idaho Civics, by Hilton P. Goss, 213-15

Nichols, The Mantle of Elias, by Herman J. Deutsch, 215-16

Goffin, The Trail of the Plow, by George Savage, 216-17

Dunham, Blue Enchantment: The Story of Crater Lake, by Albert L. Seeman, 217-18

De Ford, They Were San Franciscans, and Powell, Philosopher Pickett, by Harry N. W. Winton, 218-20

Mangam, The Clarks: An American Phenomenon, by Paul C. Phillips, 220-21

Chaffin, Sons of the West, by Alfred Larson, 221-22

Goodykoontz, ed., Papers of Edward P. Costigan Relating to the Progressive Movement in Colorado, by Claudius O. Johnson, 222-23

Llewellyn and Hoebel, The Cheyenne Way, by Melville Jacobs, 223-25

Hedrick, The Blood Remembers, by Verne F. Ray, 225-26

Ford, Smoke from Their Fires: The Life of a Kwakiutl Chief, by Marian W. Smith, 226-27

McGillycuddy, McGillycuddy, Agent, by Merrill G. Burlingame, 228

Downey, Indian-fighting Army, by Edward Kimmel, 229-31

De Trobriand, Army Life in Dakota, by Herbert S. Schell, 231-32

Norwegian-American Studies and Records, vol. XII, by Sverre Arestad, 232-33

Nichols and Randall, eds., Democracy in the Middle West, 1840-1940, by Edward McMahon, 234-35

Sprague, Women and the West, by Guy A. Lee, 235

Mock, Censorship., 1917, by Byron H. Christian, 236-37

Brogan, Politics and Law in the United States, by Thomas S. Barclay, 237-38

Chickering, Within the Sound of these Waves, by Harold Whitman Bradley, 238-40

Clark, Paradise Limited, by George Harmon Knoles, 240-41

Fitz and Odlum, Lady Sourdough, by Edward W. Allen, 241-42

Historical News and Comments, 243-44

Washington State Historical Society News Notes, 245-47

Contributors, 248

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