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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 33 Number 1 (January 1942)


Southern Appalachian Highlanders in Western Washington. Woodrow R. Clevinger, 3-25

The Washington Blanket Primary. Claudius O. Johnson, 27-39

High School Students and the History of Their Community. Herndon Smith, 41-57


Whitman Material in the Hudson's Bay Company Archives, 59-64

Reminiscences of a Whaler's Wife, as told to Erna Gunther, 65-69


Hulbert, Marcus Whitman, Crusader: Part Three, 1843-1847, by Robert Moulton Gatke, 71

Eaton, Narcissa Whitman, and Peterson, From Honeymoon to Massacre, by Clifford M. Drury, 72-73

Binns, Mighty Mountain, by V. L. O. Chittick and Lancaster Pollard, 73-76

Ross, Farthest Reach: Oregon and Washington, by Vernon Carstensen, 76-78

Raisz, Landforms of the Northwestern States, by O. W. Freeman, 78

Washington: A Guide to the Evergreen State, by Herman J. Deutsch, 78-80

Binns, Northwest Gateway, by C. S. Kingston, 80-81

Simonsen, The Dissenters, by Joseph B. Harrison, 82

McKay, They Came to a River, by Joseph B. Harrison, 82-84

Burns, Living High, by Ronald Todd, 84

Griffin, Oysters Have Eyes, by O. W. Freeman, 85

Haig-Brown, Return to the River, by Lauren R. Donaldson, 85-86

Williams, Crater Lake, by Albert L. Seeman, 86-87

Wilkes, By an Oregon Pioneer Fireside, by and Fowler, The Old Days in and near Salem, Oregon, by Ronald Todd, 87-88

Morrell, The Gold Rushes, and Jackson, Anybody's Gold, by Harry N. M. Winton, 88-90

Long, The Shadow of the Arrow, by Percy W. Christian, 90-91

MacMinn, The Theater of the Golden Era in California, by Frank L. Fenton, 91-93

San Francisco: The Bay and Its Cities, by Harry N. M. Winton, 93-94

Schoberlin, From Candles to Footlights: A Biography of the Pike's Peak Theatre 1859-1876, by George Savage, 94-96

Ellis, Henry Moore Teller, by Oscar Osburn Winther, 97-98

Harmon, Sixty Years of Indian Affairs, 1789-1850, by Harry P. Beers, 98-99

Howard and McGrath, War Chief Joseph, by Francis Haines, 99-101

Fast, The Last Frontier, by E. Adamson Hoebel, 101-102

Macgregor, Twentieth Century Indians, by Erna Gunther, 103

Burt, The United States, Great Britain, and British North America from the Revolution to the Establishment of Peace after the War of 1812, by Merrill Jensen, 103-104

Damaree, The American Agricultural Press, 1819-1860, by Charles M. Gates, 104-105

Goldman, ed., Historiography and Urbanization, by Edward McMahon, 105-107

Eckenrode and Conrad, George B. McClellan: The Man Who Saved the Union, by Philip Henry Overmeyer, 107-108

Paxson, The Great Demobilization and Other Essays, by George E. Mowry, 108-109

Harrison, ed., Bret Harte: Representative Selections, by Lewis E. Buchanan, 109-10

Bay, The Fortune of Books, by Charles W. Smith, 110-11

Dennett, Americans in Eastern Asia, by Frank G. Williston, 111-12

Historical News and Comments, 113-16

Washington State Historical Society News Notes, 117-20

Contributors, 120

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