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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 32 Number 4 (October 1941)


The Movement for Statehood in Washington. Keith A. Murray, 349-84

J. Ross Brown. Dorothy O. Johansen, 385-400

Later Attempts to Relocate the Capital of Washington. Arthur S . Beardsley, 401-47


Nichols, Ranald MacDonald, Adventurer, by Dorothy O. Johansen, 449-50

Gates, ed., Messages of the Governors of the Territory of Washington, by Lancaster Pollard, 450

Marriott, Bainbridge through Bifocals, by Ronald Todd, 451

Smith, The Puyallup-Nisqually, by Claude Schaeffer, 451-52

Ray, Cultural Relations in the Plateau of Northwestern America, by Julian H. Steward, 452-53

Smith, The Scenic Treasure House of Oregon, by Albert L. Seeman, 453-54

Fisher, City of Illusion, by Theodore Paullin, 454-55

Donaldson, Idaho of Yesterday, by Eugene B. Chaffee, 455-56

Wyoming: A Guide to Its History, Highways, and People, by Alfred Larson, 456-58

Rollinson, Pony Trails in Wyoming, by Merrill G. Burlingame, 458-59

Dick, Vanguards of the Frontier, by Paul C. Phillips, 459-60

Hafen and Rister, Western America, by Cardinal Goodwin, 460-61

Gardiner, West of the River, by Melvin Clay Jacobs, 461-63

Douglas and D'Harnoncourt, Indian Art of the United States, by Viola E. Garfield, 463-64

Debo, And Still the Waters Run, by Annie Heloise Abel-Henderson, 464-66

Chittick, ed., Ring-tailed Roarers, by Alexander C. Kern, 466-67

Lattimore, Inner Asian Frontiers of China, by John McGilvrey Maki, 467-69

Washington State Historical Society News Notes, 471-74

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