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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 32 Number 3 (July 1941)


Early Efforts to Locate the Capital of Washington Territory. Arthur S. Beardsley, 239-87

Raft River in Idaho History. Leslie L. Sudweeks, 289-305

The Cook-Folsom Exploration of the Upper Yellowstone, 1869. W. Turrentine Jackson, 307-22


Howay, The Journal of Captain James Colnett, aboard the Argonaut from April 1789 to Nov. 3, 1791, by Harold Whitman Bradley, 323-24

McWhorter, Yellow Wolf: His Own Story, by Melvin C. Jacobs, 324-26

Miles and Sperlin, Building a State: Washington, 1889-1939, by Edward McMahon, 326-27

Phelps, The Valiant Seven, by  O. B. Sperlin, 327-28

Caughey, California, by Harry N. M. Winton, 328-29

Utah: A Guide to the State, by L. H. Creer, 330-31

Fritz, Colorado, the Centennial State, by LeRoy R. Hafen, 331-32

Briggs, Frontiers of the Northwest: A History of the Upper Missouri Valley, by Harold Whitman Bradley, 332-34

Mason, Bureaucracy Convicts Itself: The Ballinger-Pinochet Controversy, 1910, and Its Meaning for Today, by George E. Mowry, 334-36

Blegen, Norwegian Migration to America: The American Transition, by Sverre Arestad, 336-38

Haas, The American Empire: A Study of the Outlying Territories of the United States, by Charles M. Gates, 338-39

Risenberg, The Pacific Ocean, and Van Loon, The Story of the Pacific, by John Haskell Kemble, 340-40

Taylor, The Struggle for North China, by Earl H. Pritchard, 341-42

Historical News and Comments, 343-44

Washington State Historical Society News Notes, 345-46

Contributors, 346

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