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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 32 Number 1 (January 1941)


George B. McClellan and the Pacific Northwest. Philip Henry Overmeyer, 3-60

History of Ruby City: The Life and Death of a Mining Town. Loretta Louis, 61-78

A Survey of Pacific Northwest Anthropological Research, 1930-1940. Melville Jacobs, 79-106


Ferris, Life in the Rocky Mountains, by Kenneth Wiggins Porter, 107-108

Colin Robertson's Correspondence Book, by W. Kaye Lamb, 108-11

Drury, Elkanah and Mary Walker, Pioneers Among the Spokane Indians, by Lancaster Pollard, 111-12

Crawford, The Washington State Grange, 1889-1924, by Vernon Carstensen, 112-13

Jacobs, Coos Narrative and Ethnologic Texts and Coos Myth Texts, by C. F. Voegelin, 113-14

Dale and Litton, eds., Cherokee Cavaliers: Forty Years of Cherokee History as Told in the Correspondence of the Ridge-Watie-Boudinot Family, by Annie Heloise Abel, 114-15

Hansen and Brebner, The Mingling of the Canadian and American Peoples, by Edith Dobie, 116-17

Anderson, Dog-team Doctor: The Story of Dr. Romig, by Clarence L. Andrews, 117-18

Giles, Singing Valleys: The Story of Corn, by Herman J. Deutsch, 118-19

Laski, The American Presidency, An Interpretation, by W. B. Hesseltine, 119-20

Minton and Stuart, The Fat Years and the Lean, by Edward McMahon, 120-21

Van Doren, The American Novel, 1789-1939, by Joseph B. Harrison, 122-22

Historical Notes, 125

Washington State Historical Society Notes, by O. B. Sperlin, 126-28

Contributors, 128

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