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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 31 Number 4 (October 1940)


Sea Otter on the Washington Coast. Victor B. Scheffer, 371-88

The Western Limits of the Buffalo Range. Francis D. Haines, 389-88

The Introduction of Monterey Shells to the Indians of the Northwest Coast. Robert F. Heizer, 399-402


Letters of Governor Isaac I. Stevens, 1857-1858, edited by Ronald Todd, 403-59


Appleton, compiler, The Pacific Northwest, A Selected Bibliography, by Lancaster Pollard, 461-62

Cuthbertson and Ewers, compilers, A Preliminary Bibliography of the American Fur Trade, by Paul C. Phillips, 463-64

Carr, Young Mac of Fort Vancouver, by J. Neilson Barry, 464

Sandmeyer, The Anti-Chinese Movement in California, by Harold Whitman Bradley, 465-66

Wittke, We Who Build America, by J. P. Steiner, 466

Clark, Railroads and Rivers: the Story of Inland Transport, by Dan E. Clark, 466-67

Innis, The Cod Fisheries: The History of International Economy, by Marion Spector, 467-68

Young, The Rise of a Pagan State: Japan's Religious Background, by Frank Williston 468-69

Ulich, Fundamentals of Democratic Education, an Introduction to Educational Philosophy, by A. W. Spieseke, 470

Elsbree, The American Teacher: Evolution of a Profession in a Democracy, and Sheldon, History of the University of Oregon, by Vernon Carstensen, 470-72

Allen, Since Yesterday, by Edward McMahon, 472-75

Historical Notes, 477-78

Contributors, 478

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