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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 31 Number 3 (July 1940)


The Foundations of Billings, Montana. Waldo O. Kliewer, 255-83


An American at Nootka Sound, 1789, edited by R. L. Brunhouse, 285-86

Diary of Dr. Augustus J. Thibodo, edited by H. S. Burke, 287-47


Jones, Swift Flows the River, by V. L. O. Chittick, 349-51

Dee, From Oxcart to Airplane: A Biography of George H. Himes, by J. Neilson Barry, 351-52

Abel, ed., Tabeau's Narrative of Loisel's Expedition to the Upper Missouri, by Paul C. Phillips, 352-53

Greenbie, Furs to Furrows: An Epic of Rugged Individualism, by Robert Moulton Gatke, 353-55

Morse, Cavalcade of the Rails, by Dorothy O. Johansen, 355-56

Hunt, The Wars of the Iroquois: A Study in Intertribal Relations, by Gilbert  J. Garraghan, 356-57

Vaillant, Indian Arts in North America, by Viola E. Garfield, 357-60

Linton, Acculturation in Seven American Indian Tribes, by A. H. Gayton, 360-61

Gabriel, The Course of American Democratic Thought: An Intellectual History Since 1815, by E. H. Eby, 361-63

Smith, Forces in American Criticism, by Alexander C. Kern, 364-65

Boas, Race, Language and Culture, by Vernon F. Ray, 365-66

Benson, Through the Diplomatic Looking-Glass: Immediate Origins of the War in Europe, by Gordon Wright, 366-67

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