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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 30 Number 3 (July 1939)


Grange Attitudes in Washington, 1889-1896. Harriet P. Crawford, 243-274

The Hawaiian Island and the Pacific Fur Trade, 1785-1813. Harold Whitman Bradley, 275-99


Letters of Governor Isaac I. Stevens, 1853-1854, edited by John S. Richards, 301-37


Spencer and Pollard, A History of the State of Washington, by Herman J. Deutsch, 339-46

Ballou, Early Klickitat Valley Days, by Herman J. Deutsch, 346-48

Haines, Red Eagles of the Northwest: The Story of Chief Joseph and His People, by Eugene B. Chaffee, 348

Jonasson, Bricks Without Straw: The Story of Linfield College, by Frederick E. Bolton, 349

Howay, ed., The Voyage of the New Hazard to the Northwest Coast, Hawaii, and China, 1810-1813 [Stephen Reynolds], by Charles W. Smith, 350-51

Binns, The Land is Bright, by Joseph B. Harrison, 351-52

Schramm, ed., Francis Parkman: Representative Sections, by Jesse S. Douglas, 352-53

Rister, Southern Plainsmen, by Oscar Osburn Winther, 353-54

Edwards and Mood, eds., The Early Writings of Frederick Jackson Turner, by Edward McMahon, 354-56

Read, ed., The Constitution Reconsidered, 356-57

Kohlmeier, The Old Northwest as the Keystone of the Arch of American Federal Union: A Study of Commerce and Politics, by Dan E. Clark, 357-58

Hagen, A Parish in the Pines, by Arthur J. Larsen, 358-59

Pratt, The Navy: The Story of a Service in Action, by Eric L. Barr, 359-61

Zeis, American Shipping Policy, by John Haskell Kemble, 361-62

MacNair, The Real Conflict Between Japan and China: An Analysis of Opposing Ideologies, by Frank G. Williston, 362-63

Adams, Building the British Empire: To the End of the First Empire, by Marion Spector, 363-64

Ely, Ground Under Our Feet: An Autobiography, 364

Kraus, ed., Monumenta Nipponica: Studies in Japanese Culture, Past and Present, vol. I, no. 2 (July 1938), by Henry S. Tatsumi, 365

Historical Notes, 367

Contributors, 367

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