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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 30 Number 2 (April 1939)


Portland and the Alaska Trade. Jonas A. Jonasson, 131-44

The Early History of White Pine Country, Nevada, 1865-1887. Russell Richard Elliott, 145-68

The Historical Mosaic of Washington. J. Neilson Barry, 169-76


The Vancouver Expedition: Peter Puget's Journal of the Exploration of Puget Sound, May 7-June 11, 1792, edited by Bern Anderson, 177-217


Neuberger, Our Promised Land, by Edward McMahon, 219-21

Washington Pioneer Project (W.P.A.), compiler, Told by the Pioneers, Reminiscences of Pioneer Life in Washington, by Ronald Todd, 221-22

Jacobs, Winning Oregon: A Study of an Expansionist Movement, by Lancaster Pollard, 222-23

Gould, Beyond the Shining Mountains; Pioneer Ladies' Club, Pendleton, Oregon, compiler, Reminiscences of Oregon Pioneers, by R. C. Clark, 223-24

Park, Shamanism in Western North America: A Study in Cultural Relationships, by Julian H. Steward, 224-26

Antevs, Rainfall and Tree Growth in the Great Basin, by Albert L. Seeman, 226-27

Vestal, Revolt on the Border; Joseph, Bright Horizons; Snell, And If Man Triumph, by Joseph B. Harrison, 227-28

Shepardson and Scroggs, The United States in World Affairs, An Account of American Foreign Relations, 1937, Charles M. Gates, 228-31

Rippy, America and the Strife of Europe, by Harold E. Blinn, 231-33

Du Puy, The Nation's Forests, by Elmer D. Fullenwider, 233

Kuykendall, The Hawaiian Kingdom, 1778-1854: Foundation and Transformation, by Harold Whitman Bradley, 234-35

Bisson, Japan in China, by Judith Greguson, 236-38

Historical Notes, 239-40

Contributors, 240

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