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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 29 Number 1 (January 1938)


The Archives of the Hudson's Bay Company. Robert C. Clark, 3-15

British Columbia Official Records: The Crown Colony Period. W. Kaye Lamb, 17-25

The Administration of State Archives. Charles M. Gates, 27-39

Preservation and Repair of Manuscripts in the Huntington Library. L. Herman Smith, 41-51

Pioneer Montana's Journalistic "Ghost" Camp—Virginia City. Robert L. Housman, 53-59


Log of the Caroline (1799), edited by H. F. MacNair, 61-84


Knight, Gold Horizon: The Lie Story of Manson F. Backus, by Ronald Todd, 85

Downie, A Pictorial History of the State of Washington, by Ronald Todd, 85-86

Farrar, The Annexation of Russian America to the United States, by Edward McMahon, 86

Chevigny, The Lost Empire: The Life and Adventures of Nikolai Petrovich Rezanov, by Clarence L. Andrews, 87-88

Camp, Henry R. Wagner's The Plains and the Rockies, a bibliography of original narratives of travel and adventure, 1800-1865, by Charles W. Smith, 88-89

Vestal, Mountain Men, by Melvin Clay Jacobs, 89-90

Coolidge, Texas Cowboys, by Robert Moulton Gatke, 90-91

Hill, The Texas Navy in Forgotten Battles and Shirtsleeve Diplomacy, 91-92

Forrest, Arizona's Dark and Bloody Ground, 92

Dick, The Sod-House Frontier, 1854-1890, by Dan E. Clark, 93

Randall, The Civil War and Reconstruction; Fish, The American Civil War, by Edward McMahon, 94-98

Miner, Our Rude Forefathers: American Political Verse, 1783-1788, 99

Ireland, An Adventure with a Genius: Recollections of Joseph Pulitzer, by Robert W. Jones, 99-100

Blair, Native American Humor (1800-1900), by Joseph B. Harrison, 100-101

Hudson, The Far East In World Politics, by Francis J. Bowman, 101-102

Reischauer, Early Japanese History (c. 40 B.C. - A.D. 1167), by Robert T. Pollard, 102-104

Sorokin, Social and Cultural Dynamics, by Giovanni Costigan, 104-110

Historical Notes, 111

Contributors, 112

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