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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 28 Number 4 (October 1937)


The Army and the Oregon Trail to 1846. Henry Putney Beers, 339-62

The Historical Position of the Lower Chinook in the Native Culture of the Northwest. Verne F. Ray, 363-72

Food Administration Papers for Washington, Oregon and Idaho, Deposited in the National Archives. Edmonds S. Meany, Jr., 373-82


Survey of Spokane Church Archives, edited by Herman J. Deutsch, 383-403

The Chief Factors of the Columbia Department (1821-1846), by R. C. Clark, 405-409

The Discovery of the Oregon Trail, by J. Neilson Barry, 410-12


Clark, The West in American History, by Bayrd Still, 413-14

Olson, The Quinault Indians, by L. S Cressman, 414-15

Morton, Under Western Skies: Being a Series of Pen-Pictures of the Canadian West in Early Fur Trade Times, by W. Kaye Lamb, 415-16

Ridings, The Chisholm Trail: A History of the World's Greatest Cattle Trail, Together with a description of the persons, a narrative of the events, and reminiscences associated with the same, by Herman J. Deutsch, 416-18

Nelson, Rhythm for Rain, by Erna Gunther, 418

Johnstone, The Shanghai Problem, by Judith Greguson, 419-20

Pritchard, The Crucial Years of Early Anglo-Chinese Relations, 1750-1800 and Anglo-Chinese Relations during the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, by Knight Biggerstaff, 420-22

Scroggs, The United States in World Affairs: An Account of American Foreign Relations, 1936, by Charles M. Gates, 422-23

Richards, Joaquin Miller: His California Diary, by Russell Blankenship, 423-25

Peterson, Joaquin Miller: Literary Frontiersman, by John S. Richards, 425-26

Lewis, Suns Go Down, by Alexander C. Kern, 426-27

Cohn, Picking America's Pockets, by Curtis Nettels, 427-28

Carr, Democracy and the Supreme Court, 428-29

Gregory, American Newspapers, 1821-1936: a Union List of Files Available in the United Sates and Canada, by Ronald Todd, 429-30

Zeller, Pressure Politics in New York: A Study of Group Representation Before the Legislature, by Claudius O. Johnson, 430-31

Oakeshott, Commerce and Society: A Short History of Trade and its Effects on Civilization, by H. S. Lucas, 431-32

Winther, Mortgage Your Hart, by Lewis E. Buchanan, 432-33

Coolidge, The Trial of Gold, by Gladys Savage, 433-34

Davis, No Other White Men, by Dorothy Gould, 434

In Memoriam Grace Raymond Hebard, 434-35

Historical Notes, 436-37

Contributors, 438

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