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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 28 Number 3 (July 1937)


The First Jesuit Mission to the Flathead, 1840-1850: A Study in Culture Conflicts. Claude Schaeffer, 227-50

Attorney General Williams and the Chief Justiceship. Philip Henry Overmeyer, 251-62

Legislative Reappointment in Washington State. J. F. Roush, 263-300


Early Recollections and Impressions of Umatilla County, Oregon, by Park Week Willis, 301-11

The Removal of the Country Seat from Dungeness to Port Angeles, Washington, by Edith G. Prosch, 312-15

Edith G. Prosch, 315-16


Fee, Chief Joseph: The Biography of a Great Indian, by Annie Heloise Abel-Henderson, 317-18

Gay, Life and Letters of Mrs. Jason Lee, by Clifford M. Drury, 318-19

Oregon Poets: An Anthology of Fifty Contemporaries, forward by Ethel R. Fuller; Washington Poets, an Anthology of Fifty-Nine Contemporaries, forward by Mary. J. Elmendorf, 319-20

Schreibeis, Pioneer Education in the Pacific Northwest, by Charles W. Smith, 320-21

Siegfried, Canada, by Mrs. Ivar Spector, 321-22

De La Rhue, Spanish Trails to California, by J. W. Ellison, 322-23

Foreman, Indians and Pioneers: The Story of the American Southwest before 1830, by Dan E. Clark, 323-24

Callcott, Santa Anna: The Story of an Enigma Who Once Was Mexico, by Percy W. Christian, 324-25

Chesney, Pay Dirt: A Panorama of American Gold Rushes, by Oscar Osburn Winther, 325-26

Summers, Dark Madonna, by George Savage, 326-27

Paxson, American Democracy and the World War: Pre-War Years, 1913-1917, by Edward McMahon, 327-29

Palmer, Our Gallant Madness, by Frederic L. Paxson, 329-30

Hesseltine, A History of the South, 1607-1936, by Wendell H. Stephenson, 330-32

Lead Belly and His Songs, edited by John A. Lomax and Allan Lomax, by George F. McKay, 332-33

Ennis, French Policy and Developments in Indochina, by Earl H. Pritchard, 333-34

Historical Notes, 335-36

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