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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 28 Number 2 (April 1937)


The Pioneer Theater in Washington. Bernard Berelson and Howard F. Grant, 115-36

Early Agricultural Settlements in Southern Idaho. Leslie L. Sudweeks, 137-50

British Columbia Indian Lands. Mrs. W. Garland Foster, 151-62


Survey of Seattle Church Archives, edited by Mary Avery, 163-91


Beers, The Western Military Frontier, and Morrison, Military Posts and Camps in Oklahoma, by Jesse E. Douglas, 193-96

Spier, tribal Distribution in Washington, by R. L. Olson, 196

Sullivan, Jedediah Smith: Trader and Trail Breaker, by Percy W. Christian, 196-98

Nichols, Joab Powell: Homespun Missionary, by A. S. Kingston, 198

Schafer, The Social History of American Agriculture, by Everett E. Edwards, 199-200

Leyburn, Frontier Folkways, by M. J., 200-201

Hubbart, The Older Middle West, by Dan E. Clark, 201-202

Gudde, Sutter's Own Story: The Life of General John Augustus Sutter ad the History of New Helvetia in the Sacramento Valley, by Paul C. Phillips, 202-203

Drury, An Editor on the Comstock Lode, by Theodore Paullin, 203-204

Coolidge, Death Valley Prospectors, by Robert Moulton Gatke, 204-205

Poe, Buckboard Days, by Herman J. Deutsch, 205-207

Stanley, The Birth of Western Canada: A History of the Riel Rebellions, by Jonas A. Jonasson, 207-209

Bemis, A Diplomatic History of the United States, by Charles M. Gates, 209-210

Smith, The Promise of American Politics, by Franc G. Wilson, 211

Lyon, The Constitution and the Men Who Made It, 212

Paul, The Abrogation of the Gentlemen's Agreement, by Earl H. Pritchard, 212-14

Stimson, The Far-Eastern Crisis, Recollections and Observations, by R. T. Pollard, 214-16

Hutchins, The Higher Learning in America, by E. H. L., 217-18

Lasswell, Politics: Who Gets What, When, How? by C. E. Quainton, 218-19

Churchill, South of the Sunset: An Interpretation of Sacajawea, the Indian Girl That Accompanied Lewis and Clark, by Ronald Todd, 219-20

Reid, Letters of Long Ago, by James Stevens, 220

Snell, Root, Hog, and Die, by Lewis E. Buchanan, 220-21

McCormick, Pal Bunyan Swings His Axe, by O. B. Sperlin, 221-22

Trever, History of Ancient Civilization: The Ancient Near East and Greece, 222

Historical Notes, 223

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