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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 28 Number 1 (January 1937)


Compiling the Territorial Codes of Washington. Arthur S. Beardsley, 3-54

Historic Perspectives in Indian Languages of Oregon and Washington. Melville Jacobs, 55-74


Some Russian Books on Alaska History, by C. L. Andrews, 75-87

Results of the Historical Records Survey in Washington, 87-88


Hulbert and Hulbert, Marcus Whitman, Crusader, Part One, 1802-1839, by Clifford M. Drury, 89-91

Carey, A General History of Oregon, by J. Neilson Barry, 91-93

MacKay, The Honourable Company: A History of the Hudson's Bay Company, by R. C. Clark, 93-95

Weber, North Pacific: Japan, Siberia, Alaska, Canada, by W. F. Thompson, 95-96

Bass, Cherokee Messenger, by Herman J. Deutsch, 96-98

Evans, Charles Coulson Rich, by L. H. Creer, 98-100

Thompson, High Trails of Glacier National Park, by D. O. Johansen, 100-101

Wellman, Broncho Apache, by George Savage, 101-102

Winther, Express and Stagecoach Days in California: From the Gold Rush to the Civil War, by Charles M. Gates, 102-103

Marshall, Southard and Taylor, Canadian-American Industry: a Study in International Investment, by M. Marion Mitchell, 103-107

Tarbell, The Nationalizing of Business, by Edward McMahon, 107-108

Faust and Johnson, Jonathan Edwards, 1703-1758: Representative Selections, by J. H. Groth, 108-110

Collison-Morley, The Early Medici, 110

Historical Notes, 111-12

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