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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 27 Number 4 (October 1936)


The Swinomish People and Their State. O. C. Upchurch, 283-310

The Adventures of an American Premier in Samoa, 1874-1876. J. W. Ellison, 311-46


Asa Shinn Mercer, Pioneer in Western Publicity, edited by Charles W. Smith, 347-66

The Steamer Beaver, edited by Ronald Todd, 367-68

The Reminiscences of Murdoch M. McPherson, edited by Harold C. Vedder (Continued from July Issue), 369-89


Drury, Henry Harmon Spalding, Pioneer of Old Oregon, by Paul C. Phillips, 391-92

Bolton, Rim of Christendom: A Biography of Eusebio Francisco Kino Pacific Coast Pioneer, by Joseph W. Ellison, 392-93

Dana, Sutter of California: A Biography, by Herman J. Deutsch, 393-95

Wilson, Treasure Express: Epic Days of Wells Fargo, by Oscar O. Winther, 395-96

Hindmarsh, The Basis of Japanese Foreign Policy, by Charles E. Martin, 396-97

Cruikshank, The Political Adventures of John Henry: The Record of an International Imbroglio, by F. W. Howay, 397-98

Mott and Jorgenson, Benjamin Franklin, by M. J., 398-99

Warfel, Noah Webster, by W. B. Hesseltine, 399-400

Wilson, The Elements of Modern Politics, by Claudius D. Johnson, 401

Older, Savages and Saints, by Joseph B. Harrison, 402

Historical Notes, 403-404

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