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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 27 Number 3 (July 1936)


Martial Law in Washington Territory. Captain Samuel F. Cohn, U.S.A., 195-218

Boy Editors of Frontier Montana. Robert L. Housman, 219-26

The Diplomatic Mission of Sir John Rose 1871. Robert Carlton Clark, 227-42


The Reminiscences of Murdoch M. McPherson, edited by Harold C. Vedder, 243-60


Johnson, Borah of Idaho, by Edward McMahon, 261-64

Miller, Fog and Men on Bering Sea, by C. L. Andrews, 264-65

Winther, Take All to Nebraska, by George T. Hunt, 266-67

Stewart, Ordeal by Hunger: The Story of the Donner Party, by Annie Heloise Abel-Henderson, 267-68

Webb, The Texas Rangers: A Century of Frontier Defense, by Frederic L. Paxson, 269-70

Bryan, Orient Meets Occident: The Advent of the Railways to the Pacific Northwest, by C. S. Kingston, 270-71

Sandoz, Old Jules, by George T. Hunt, 271-72

Innis, An Economic History of Canada, by F. W. Howay, 272-73

Mercer, The Banditti of the Plains, by Ronald Todd, 273-74

Bankson, The Klondike Nugget, by Charles W. Smith, 274-75

Steiger, A History of the Far West, by H. S. L., 275

Mears, Maritime Trade of Western United States, by Dan E. Clark, 276

Collins, A History of Mediaeval Civilization in Europe, by H. S. L., 277

Historical Notes, 278-80

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