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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 27 Number 2 (April 1936)


Native Villages and Groupings of the Columbia Basin. Verne F. Ray, 99-152

Party History in British Columbia, 1903-1933. Edith Dobie, 153-66


The Nez Perce War: The Battle at Cottonwood Creek, 1877, edited by Dorothy O. Johansen, 167-70

A Journey Across the Plains in 1866, by Cora Wilson Agatz, 170-74

Historical Materials at the Southern Branch of the University of Idaho, by John L. Christian, 174-75

Samuel Benn, by John K. Christian, 175-76


Rollins, ed., The Discovery of the Oregon Trail, Robert Stuart's Narratives, by John T. Ganoe, 177-78

Glasscock, The War of the Copper Kings: Builders of Butte and Wolves of Wall Street, by Paul C. Phillips, 178-79

Jacobs, Northwest Sahaptin Texts, Part I, by Morris Swadesh, 179-80

Thomas, Chinook, a History and a Dictionary of the Northwest Coast Trade Jargon, Melville Jacobs, 180-81

Quiett, They Built the West: An Epic of Rails and Cities, by Jesse S. Douglas, 181

Wellman, Death in the Desert: The Fifty Year's War for the Great Southwest, by Herman J. Deutsch, 182

Sullivan, Our Times, the United States, 1900-1925, by Edward McMahon, 183-84

Westermann, The Netherlands and the United States, Their Relations in the Beginning of the Nineteenth Century, by H. S. L., 184-85

Tryon, The Social Sciences as School Subjects, by Francis G. Wilson, 185-86

Stovall, Walt Whitman: Representative Selections, with Introduction, Bibliography, and Notes, by Joseph B. Harrison, 186-87

Wagenknecht, Mark Twain, the Man and His Works, by V. L. O. Chittick, 187-89

Historical Notes, 190-91

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