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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 27 Number 1 (January 1936)


Code Making in Early Oregon. Arthur S. Beardsley, 3-33

Lumbering and Logging in the Puget Sound Region in Territorial Days. Iva L. Buchanan, 34-53

The Simeon G. Reed Collection of Letters and Private Papers. Dorothy O. Johansen, 54-65


Reminisces of Francis M. Redfield, Chief Joseph's War, edited by Floy Laird, 66-77


Stewart, Documents relating to the North West Company, by F. W. Howay, 78-80

Hulbert and Hulbert, eds., The Oregon Crusade: Across Land and Sea to Oregon (Overland to the Pacific, V.), by J. Orin Oliphant, 80-83

Sabin, Kit Carson Days, 1809-1868: Adventures in the Path of Empire, by R. C. Clark, 83

Milner and Forrest, California Joe: Noted Scout and Indian Fighter, by Herman J. Deutsch, 84

Phinney, Nez Percé Texts, by Melville Jacobs, 85-86

Eastman, Pratt: The Red Man's Moses, by Ebba Dahlin, 86-87

Davis, Honey in the Horn, by Joseph B. Harrison, 87-89

Counts and others, The Social Foundations of Education, by Edward McMahon, 89-90

Havighurst, Pier 17, by Mary F. Ramsdell, 90-91

Taylor, A Guide to the Study and Reading of the History of the Pacific Northwest, 91-92

Graham and Brininstool, Major Reno Vindicated, 92

Historical Notes, 93-95

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