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Pacific Northwest Quarterly, Volume 108, Number 2/3 (Spring/Summer 2017)

Special Issue: The Sesquicentennial of the Alaska Purchase

Guest Editor, Ross Coen


Introduction. Ross Coen, 55-56

What Raising a Statue of William Seward Means to Alaskans 150 Years Later, 57-62

Creole Policy and Practice in Russian America: Iakov Ergorovich Netsvetov, Roxanne Easley, 63-79

The Alaska Purchase and Alaska Natives, William Schneider, 80-89

Documenting Alaska's Past: Key Studies and Future Directions in the History of the 49th State, Ian C. Hartman, 90-96


Tina Block, The Secular Northwest: Religion and Irreligion in Everyday Postwar Life, by Dennis A. Andersen, 97

David C. Atkinson, The Burden of White Supremacy: Containing Asian Migration in the British Empire and the United States, by Andrea Geiger, 98

Lawrence A. Landis, A School for the People: A Photographic History of Oregon State University, Dale E. Soden, 99

Andrew Scott, The Promise of Paradise: Utopian Communities in British Columbia, Robert A. J. McDonald, 99

Steven Sabol, "The Touch of Civilization": Comparing Russian and American Internal Colonization, by Walter L. Hixson, 100

Sergei Kan, ed., Sharing Our Knowledge: The Tlingit and Their Coastal Neighbors, by Michelle M. Martin, 101

Mike Mackey, Wyoming Samurai: The World War II Warriors of Heart Mountain, by Greg Lewis, 102

Richard W. Etulain, Calamity Jane: A Reader's Guide, by Peter Boag, 103

Edward Dallam Melillo, Strangers on Familiar Soil: Rediscovering the Chile-California Connection, by Rachel Lanier Taylor, 104

Lottie Lindley, Okanagan Grouse Woman: Upper Nicola Narratives, by Paul V. Kroskrity, 105

Aimee Lyn Eaton, Collared: Politics and Personalities in Oregon's Wolf Country, by Michael D. Wise, 105

Final Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, Vol. 1: Summary: Honouring The Truth, Reconciling for the Future, by Margaret Jacobs, 106

Judy Bentley, Walking Washington's History: Ten Cities, by Wendi Lindquist, 107

Daniel Sharfstein, Thunder in the Mountains: Chief Joseph, Oliver Otis Howard, and the Nez Perce War, by Boyd Cothran, 108

Lloyd L. Wong, ed., Trans-Pacific Mobilities: The Chinese and Canada, by Wing Chung Ng, 109

Briony Penn, The Real Thing: The Natural History of Ian McTaggart Cowan, by Jack Nisbet, 109

Ryan Dearinger, The Filth of Progress: Immigrants, Americans, and the Building of Canals and Railroads in the West, by Alexander Finkelstein, 110

Melvin R. Adams, Atomic Geography: A Personal History of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, by John M. Findlay, 111

Adam J. Hodges, World War I and the Urban Order: The Local Class Politics of National Mobilization, by John Putman, 112

Veronica Castillo-Munoz, The Other California: Land, Identity, and Politics on the Mexican Borderlands, by Fredy Gonzalez, 113

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Sean Lanksbury, 114


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