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Pacific Northwest Quarterly, Volume 106, Number 3 (Summer 2015)


Products of Place: The Era of Reinforced-Concrete Skyscrapers in Seattle, 1921-1931. Tyler S. Sprague, 107-119

"Like putting birds in a cage": Territory and the Troubled Life of a Spokane Oral History. Stacy Nation-Knapper, 120-138


Melinda Marie Jetté, At the Hearth of the Crossed Races: A French-Indian Community in Nineteenth-Century Oregon, 1812-1859, by Ryan Hall, 139

Joshua L. Reid, The Sea Is My Country: The Maritime World of the Makahs, and Indigenous Borderlands People, by Brenden W. Rensik, 140

Jen Corrinne Brown, Trout Culture: How Fly Fishing Forever Changed the Rocky Mountain West, by Bob King, 140

Margaret Grundstein, Naked in the Woods: My Unexpected Years in a Hippie Commune, by Gretchen Lemke-Santangelo, 141

Frederick H. Swanson, Where Roads Will Never Reach: Wilderness and Its Visionaries in the Northern Rockies, by Michael Dax, 142

Alexis C. Bunten, So, How Long Have You Been Native? Life as an Alaska Native Tour Guide, by Ross Coen, 143

Sean Kheraj, Inventing Stanley Park: An Environmental History, by Ben Bradley, 144

Yale D. Belanger and P. Whitney Lackenbauer, eds., Blockades or Breakthroughs? Aboriginal Peoples Confront the Canadian State, by Christopher Smith, 144

C. Mark Smith, Community Godfather: How Sam Volpentest Shaped the History of Hanford and the Tri-Cities, by Jonathan Hall, 145

Chatherine Holder Spude, Saloons, Prostitutes, and Temperance in Alaska Territory, by Chris Allan, 146

Lee O'Connor, Take Cover, Spokane: A History of Backyard Bunkers, Basement Hideaways, and Public Fallout Shelters of the Cold War, by Polly Reed Myers, 147

Kim Heacox, Rhythm of the Wild: A Life Inspired by Alaska's Denali National Park, by Diana L. Di Stefano, 148

Peter Gough, Sounds of the New Deal: The Federal Music Project in the West, by Ann Ostendorf, 149

Bennet Bronson and Chuimei Ho, Coming Home in Gold Brocade: Chinese in Early Northwest America, by Jim Dupree, 149

Heather Arndt Anderson, Portland: A Food Biography, by Brian Stack, 151

David Bullock, Coal Wars: Unions, Strikes, and Violence in Depression-Era Central Washington, by Raymond A. Hall, 151

Tim Sullivan, Ways to the West: How Getting Out of Our Cars Is Reclaiming America's Frontier, by Jen Corrinne Brown, 152

Charles Caldwell Hawley, A Kennecott Story: Three Mines, Four Men, and One Hundred Years, 1887-1997, by Nichelle Frank, 153

Polly Reed Myers, Capitalist Family Values: Gender, Work, and Corporate Culture at Boeing, by David LaVigne, 154

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Sean Lanksbury, 155

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