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Pacific Northwest Quarterly, Volume 105, Number 4 (Fall 2014)


Mobile Nature, Cooperative Management, and Institutional Adaptation in Pacific Northwest Blister Rust Control in the 20th Century. Adam M. Sowards and Rebecca Stunz, 159-174

Organizing Immigrant Labor: Barriers to Unionizing the Smelter Workers of the Trail, British Columbia, during the Second World War. Ron Verzuh, 175-188

Richard Maxwell Brown, 1927-2014. Joseph E. Taylor III and Peter Boag, 189-190


David M. Wrobel, Global West, American Frontier: Travel, Empire, and Exceptionalism from Manifest Destiny to the Great Depression, byTimothy Bowman, 192

Dwayne A. Mack, Black Spokane: The Civil Rights Struggle in the Inland Northwest, by Robert Hauhart, 192

John Okada, No-No Boy, by Emily Lutenski, 193

Marianne Sullivan, Tainted Earth: Smelters, Public Health, and the Environment, by Frederic Quivik, 195

Richard D. Scheuerman and Alexander C. McGregor, Harvest Heritage: Agricultural Origins and Heirloom Crops of the Pacific Northwest, by William Kerrigan, 195

David Chapin, Freshwater Passages: The Trade and Travels of Peter Pond, by Blake Duffield, 196

Justin Wadland, Trying Home: The Rise and Fall of an Anarchist Utopia on Puget Sound, by Jonathan Bowdler, 197

Robert Wright, Rugged Mercy: A Country Doctor in Idaho's Sun Valley, by Nels Abrams, 198

Miné Okubo, Citizen 13660, by Michael Serizawa Brown, 199

Jean Barman, French Canadians, Furs, and Indigenous Women in the Making of the Pacific Northwest, by Robert Foxcurran, 199

Robin K. Wright and Kathryn Bunn-Marcuse, eds., In the Spirit of the Ancestors: Contemporary Northwest Coast Art at the Burke Museum, by Megan A. Smetzer, 200

Jerry D. Mathes II, Ahead of the Flaming Front: A Life on Fire, by Lincoln Bramwell, 201

Jared Orsi, Citizen Explorer: The Life of Zebulon Pike, by Martin Öhman, 202

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Sean Lanksbury, 203

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